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Artist Bio

Born in St. Louis in the sixties, Lori Stanford always loved art and making things as a child. In college, she pursued an engineering degree and then went on to become a medical doctor. At a point about fifteen years ago, she put her career as a physician on hold and stayed home to raise her three kids. In the process, she rediscovered painting and over the last five years has been showing her work publicly.

Stanford has had a solo show about Racism in America, been part of many group exhibitions throughout California, and has been published in several art books. She is driven to create art that promotes social awareness and donates proceeds of her art sales to local non-profit organizations serving Los Angeles. She is a member of the Los Angeles Artist Association, The South Bay Artist Collective, and the Artist Alliance. She currently exhibits work at realART, Resin, and Artlife galleries within the greater Los Angeles area and is represented by Agora Gallery in NYC.

1999 Pediatric Residency, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
1996 MD, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
1985 BSEE, University of Missouri School of Engineering, Columbia, MO

Solo Exhibition
2018 "Elephant in the Room: Racism in America," Artlife Gallery, El Segundo, CA
2009 "Global Warning," private residence, Sherman Oaks, CA

Group Exhibitions
2021 "2021 Member Show," online show, www.ArtistAlliance.space
2021 "All Media 2021," Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA
2020 “Art in the Time of Corona, A Global Art Project,” Dab Art Co., Los Angeles, CA
2020 “LAAA Open Show," Gallery825, Los Angeles, CA
2020 “2020-Botanical,” Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna, CA
2020 “We the People,” online show, www.ArtistAlliance.space
2020 “2020-Political Discord,” Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna, CA
2020 “Subliminal,” LAAA online show
2019  El Segundo Art Walk, El Segundo, CA
2019  "Crowd Identity," Artlife Gallery, El Segundo, CA
2017  "Time and Space," Artlife Gallery, El Segundo, CA
2017  “Art in the Arthouse, Select Four Group Exhibit,” Pasadena, CA
2017  “Art in the Arthouse, Claremont Art Show,” Claremont, CA
2017  El Segundo Art Walk, El Segundo, CA
2017 “Art in the Arthouse, Pasadena Art Show,” Pasadena, CA
2017 “Imagine: A Visual Arts Exhibit,” Whizin Center, Los Angeles, CA

2021 Wild Lands, Jen Tough Gallery
2021 Art in the Time of Corona, Dab Art Co.
2021 Los Angeles Art Association volume IV
2020 Los Angeles Art Association volume III
2019 Los Angeles Art Association volume II

Artist Statement

I am a Los Angeles-based artist exploring human identity through my abstract figurative oil painting. Bold, saturated colors and organic shapes help me express my thoughts and feelings about humanity, the evolution of self, and how self relates to other. My work, informed by what I read and experience, is driven by intuition and the subconscious. I like to work in series and usually spend nine months to a year on a particular topic. The interconnectedness of humans, each with their unique yet familiar story, is what has inspired my latest collection. Together, the paintings in this series tell a story. One we can each recognize.

While the focus of my work is oil on canvas, experimenting with other materials is something I enjoy. Reading, writing, and sketching are an integral part of my creative process and influence the painting that happens in the studio. Communicating thoughts through art is a primal human need for me, and that’s why sharing the work is essential. Art is communication. Whether it be a stand alone painting or an installation, my work is about providing the backdrop for a dialogue to occur.

"Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire, and motivate."

~ Harvey Fierstein

Art for Positive Social Change

Art for Positive Social Change is a way for me as an artist to have an impact on my local community. As a physician, I’m deeply concerned about people’s well-being both physically and mentally, especially the most vulnerable, those experiencing homelessness. I’m committed to racial justice efforts, and as an artist I’m driven to create work that promotes social awareness. Combining my passion for art with my desire to help people is how Art for Positive Social Change came about. Click on the links below to make a donation directly, or purchase artwork through my website and proceeds will be donated to one of these nonprofit organizations. To specify which organization you'd like the money to go to, just drop me a line at lori@loristanford.com or use the contact form on this site.

Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles

is an organization that has been around more than thirty years assisting the most marginalized and disadvantaged individuals and their families in Los Angeles through medical, behavioral health, and quality of life services.

Take Part

The Valley of Change

is a small community-led organization fighting for systemic change in the San Fernando Valley that gathers every day from 12 – 8pm in front of the fountain at Sherman Oaks Galleria to protest in support of Black Lives Matter.

Take Part

I can’t help but think about ways to incorporate the objects I come across on a daily basis into art. The potential to be part of something bigger lies within everything we see and touch. It also lies within each of us.

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